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Quarter 3 State of NAIFA Webinar:
Date: October 10th @ 1pm ET
Presenters: NAIFA President, Jill Judd; NAIFA CEO, Kevin Mayeux; NAIFA VP of Government Relations, Diane Boyle

Join us as we dive into what has been happening at NAIFA in the months of July, August, and September. We will hear from each of these leaders in our organization about the highlights from our third quarter of the fiscal year. 

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Advisor Solutions What is Your 60 Second Market Story?​
Date: September 19 @ 4 pm ET
Presenter: Coach Dan Finley

How many times have you gotten a client call, were attending a networking event or were with family and friends when the inevitable question comes up, “So, what do you think of the market?”  You immediately scramble to find the perfect thing to say but are you able too? During this type of scenario, most advisors panic because they simply haven’t taken the time to create their unique 60-Second Market Story. In fact, many advisors do not understand what it actually takes to craft one in the first place. You may be wondering the same thing. If so, this is a perfect tele-seminar to assist you in crafting your own.

The Inner Game of Prospecting: How to Overcome Sales Call Reluctance 
Date: September 23 @ 3 pm ET
Presenter: Connie Kadansky, MCC

We all know that you cannot sell to someone you cannot get in to see. Many give the glib advice of "just pick up the phone." Well, for many insurance and financial advisors, that advice just doesn't cut it.Sales Call Reluctance is an emotional hesitation to initiate contact with potential buyers. It is fear, which is a mental response to a perceived threat. The good news is that it is a learned habit. You can unlearn it. Our habits are tattooed in our bodies. Trying to overcome Call Reluctance mentally does not work in the long run. To become confident lead generators who are unstoppable, you need to involve your whole being, which includes your body posture, your emotions, and your language. When you are prospecting, your emotions are controlling the show.
You will learn:
1. The four different body postures that will positively influence your lead generation.
2. The emotions and feelings that stop most salespeople from being their best and what to do about them. You will learn how to navigate through the emotions of prospecting.
3. The internal language that can shift your focus and attention while prospecting and also on your prospecting efforts.

Reg BI Webinar
Date: September 24th at 3 pm eastern

Members of NAIFA’s GR team will be presenting a webinar on the SEC’s new Regulation BI—how it came about, what it says and does, what it means for you and your practice, how it differs from the investment advisor fiduciary rule, and how state fiduciary and best interest proposals might interact (and possibly conflict) with the new rule.

NAIFA members who market and sell investment products and securities (including variable annuities and life insurance) will need to comply with the new rule’s requirements starting June 30, 2020. Member’s also need to be sure they follow any instructions or guidance they receive from their broker-dealers regarding Reg BI.

On-Demand Webinars:


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"The New Economy Advisor" 
Bill Bishop, CEO, The BIG Ideas Company

In today’s fast-changing marketplace, you need to think differently about the future of your financial service business. You need to adopt the “new factory thinking” used by companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple. You need to create and package BIG Ideas, free subscriber packages, fee-based membership programs and integrated value hubs.

In this thought-provoking webinar, business coach Bill Bishop, CEO of The BIG Idea Company, and author of The New Economy Advisor, explains how to use this new way of thinking to differentiate yourself from the competition, attract more high-quality clients, and significantly increase your profit margins.  

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