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      NAIFA State Convention - Joint Washington & Oregon  

                              September 14-17, 2020                            


           NAIFA LIVE Watch Parties

Thursday Sept. 1, 2020

       "Your Work Matters"



               **All In-Person Watch Party's Cancelled**

   Featured Regional Class

We’re only 1 month away, but it’s not too late to start your “career changing” educational track. The CLU, ChFC and CFP are the industry standards for credentials and this first class applies to all three. Set yourself apart form the competition, gain confidence, learn practical applications to be able to sell more life insurance and other products, and gain insight from 36 years experience.
Managers, maybe there’s some incentives form your company that can be added.
Students, please go to matriculate and sign up today. If your still hesitant, come to the first class for free and then matriculate, I’ll have PDF handouts to get started with.
If you are a NAIFA member, the class is free - all you have to pay for is the American College fee. 
If not a NAIFA member, each class is $300 payable to NAIFA Washington, plus the course fee from the American College.

Class Location:


Please contact the American College and matriculate, and then email Jim Lusk 
to save your spot in class.

NAIFA introduces new industry certification!

Life & Annuity Certified Professional

The NAIFA Life and Annuity Certified Professionals (LACP) serves consumers by recognizing financial professionals with a mark of distinction for their product knowledge, consultative sales process and compliance to ethical, legal, and regulatory requirements. LACP practitioners are held to a standard of excellence that defines and differentiates them from their peers and to the clients they serve.


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You Don’t Have to Be Wealthy to Work with an Insurance and Financial Advisor

According to the survey, 80 percent of NAIFA members say their businesses primarily serve middle- to lower-income families and individuals. Almost half (45 percent) say the “typical annual household income” of their clients falls between $50,000 and $100,000; 34 percent say their typical client’s annual income falls between $100,000 and $150,000; and 4 percent say their typical client earns less than $50,000 annually.