Member Benefits & Fees

Fees Customized to Your Years in the Business

Joining NAIFA is a great investment move on your part. We provide a graduated fee model to make it easy on your wallet during the years that you are getting established. Each year your membership fees will graduate up based on the number of years in the industry. We are designed to allow you the support you need at every step of your business' lifecycle. 

Whether you are established and just have never known how impactful belonging to your professional association could be on your life, or you are just getting going in financial services, NAIFA is here for you.

NAIFA's Advisor Ambassador Program

What Stage Are You In?

  1. Brand New in Your Business (1 Year)
  2. Getting Grounded in Your Business (2 Years)
  3. Getting Established in Your Business (3 Years
  4. Scaling to Grow Your Business (4 Years)
  5. Your Business is Well-Established (5+ Years)

Monthly Price

Year 1 in Financial Services
$ 10
Year 2 in Financial Services
$ 20
Year 3 in Financial Services or Never Been a NAIFA Member Before
$ 30
Year 4 in Financial Services
$ 40
Year 5+ in Financial Services
$ 56
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