Advocacy & Political Involvement

Association Political Involvement Committee

Richard Miller, Chair (contact)

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National Advocacy page
See all the work NAIFA is doing on a nationwide scale with Congress and our industry's regulators.

Find Your Legislators
Don't know who your elected officials are?  Find them here and write them.  Your one voice means more to them than you might think.

NAIFA Washington Leaders

Ryan Jewell, Advocacy/Legislative Chair
Richard Miller, APIC Chair
Alex Collins, IFAPAC Chair

Key Links

Advocacy Victories
A list of some key successes attributable to the work NAIFA does in protecting it's member's businesses and their clients.

Insurance & Financial Advisors Political Action Committee
Ryan Jewell (contact)

Key Links

JOIN - Enrollment & Contributions (requires member login)
Make a one-time contribution or enroll in recurring monthly contributions.  Contribute at $300/yr or more and be part of the state IFAPAC committee and have a voice in how state PAC dollars are allocated.

Complete Your Directive (requires member login)
The SEC “pay to play” rule went into effect in 2011.  It was designed to limit the influence of political contributions by investment advisers in the awarding of advisory contracts by state and local governments. Completing your directive allows your contribution to be shared between national and state organizations.

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