Sharon's Tips for Successful Legislator Meetings

January 23, 2013
                    NAIFA Washington Leadership
                    Sharon Sparling, Advocacy Chair
                    NAIFA Washington

You have already received the “Talking Points” for our “Day on the Hill”.  
  • Please be informed before attending next Tuesday.  
  • Local Presidents will be the Lead.
  • Assign a person in your group to talk about the Talking Points for the Health Care Issues AND a different person to talk about the Value of The Agent.   Your meetings with your Legislators should not be one sided.
  • As you can see the Talking Points are something EVERY MEMBER can talk easily with their Legislators.  Choose a spokesperson for your group for this.
  • Remember, you CAN leave the Talking Points and Value of The Agent pieces with your Legislators.
  • Be familiar enough with them that you sound natural but refer to them if needed.
  • Stay on message…you don’t have that much time with your Legislators and you need to get your points across clearly.  
  • If you’re fortunate enough to have someone involved in the sale of Health insurance, let them take the lead on the Health Care Talking Points   Otherwise, be familiar with them and refer to them to stay on track.  Again, give equal time for the Agent/Producer Talking Points…this should NOT be a Health Care issues only appointment.
  • Someone take the lead; introduce everyone in your party. It’s okay to leave your business cards with your Legislator.
  • Be courteous and respectful.
  • Have fun!
  • **NOTE** For those that want to meet in-between their meetings, Linda Fox will be at the Café in the Capitol Building starting 1:45pm.  Finally, if you would like to ‘debrief’ after your meetings, you are welcome to meet back at the Comfort Hotel at the ‘breakfast’ area.  
  • **NEW** There will be some New York Life producers in attendance and they were invited to go with the appropriate Local to visit with your and their Legislators.  NAIFA Washington welcomes their participation!
  • **NEW** Please send me the Appointment List of your Legislators.  We’d like to track who met with whom!
Please contact me if you have any questions.  If you haven’t registered, that’s okay, there’s still time and remember to invite those members that have never been to a “Day on the Hill”…you owe it to them to see NAIFA Washington in action!

See you January 29 in Olympia!!!   


Sharon L. Sparling

NAIFA Northwest, President
2010-2013 State Advocacy/Legislative Chair
NAIFA Washington, Past President

NAIFA LILI Subcommittee Member
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